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4 Ways Amaze PXM’s PIM + DAM + Syndication software will Accelerate Time-To-Market

With centralized access to product information, robust governance standards, the power of AI and more, Amaze PXM’s end-to-end product information and experience management software gets your team to work smart and work fast! Thereby increasing operational efficiency and accelerating time-to-market.

Looking for the best PIM solution is all about finding software that streamlines processes, centralized product information storage, and above all, saving your business time. Because as the cliché goes, time is money! With Amaze PIM, saved time is gained time, and accelerated time-to-market gives businesses a tangible and direct edge over the competition.

Before we get into the details, let’s first define what PIM is. PIM is the abbreviation of ‘product information management’, PIM system enables businesses to manage product data from a centralized point of access. Product information management (PIM) is the process of managing all the product data required to market and sell products through distribution channels — product catalogs, product pages on eCommerce marketplaces, images, videos and other digital assets. The software allows businesses to set governance standards for consistency and streamline workflows for maximum efficiency. In a nutshell, PIM helps businesses set the foundation for eCommerce excellence, enabling them to build accuracy, consistency and value into the very DNA of their business.

Here are the four top ways that PIM can help businesses save time.

  1. Centralization

From multiple spreadsheets and interdepartmental inputs to inventory data and much more, all this data is vital in completing product information. Amaze PIM enables businesses to bring together spreadsheets, product lifecycle management (PLM) data, enterprise resource planning (ERP) data and much more together to provide a complete picture of the product. It saves teams the trouble of reaching out across departments to access information as it is all updated in real-time. Similarly, these updates also reflect on customer-facing interfaces without lags.

2. Standardization

With robust governance rules in place, managing data quality becomes simpler across the board. No matter which department, team or user accesses product data, standardization can be followed to the tee as validation rules take effect. How does this save time? Here’s an example: Colleague A saves a product by the SKU number in the system and pushes it through. However, Colleague B, who belongs to a different department, follows the APN number to track a product and is unable to find the required product, losing vital time trying to track it. With Amaze PIM, it is easy to standardize nomenclature and also improve search capabilities.

3. Integration

With varying sources of inputs, the nature of product data also changes. As discussed in ‘Standardization’, Amaze PXM’s PIM can be used to normalize this data and save time. Similarly, Bridge, Amaze PXM’s data syndication software enables easy integration with eCommerce marketplace and distribution channels without manual efforts. Data can be dynamically versioned and updated to fit varying channel standards, hence empowering the omnichannel product journey with better time-to-market.

4. Automation

Apart from consolidating and improving processes for time-saving, Amaze PIM gives your business the extra boost with automation. Whether it’s product onboarding and distribution, dynamic versioning (ex: varying image sizes for different channels) or governance rule implementation, Amaze PIM injects your business with the power of automation, hence saving you loads of time. In fact, with Amaze’s Astro, you can also leverage the industry’s first AI-powered recommendation engine to build categories faster than ever before.

Amaze PXM — Product Experience and Information Management Software

As an end-to-end PIM platform, Amaze gives your businesses the edge, with not just saved time but also gained time. As teams improve efficiencies with Amaze, the business also enjoys an organic lift in product information quality and relevance. Technology accelerates your business performance further putting you ahead of the race.

Propel your business on the path to digital excellence with Amaze PIM. Try Amaze!

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