Reducing Technical Debt with Cloud SaaS Solutions: Don’t Fall Prey to the Bad Debt Syndrome

  1. Financial Impact
    Technical debt can bring an organization’s financial progress to a grinding halt.
  • Reduced ability to leverage data as information to make better business decisions and enhance operations and services
  • Service loss due to untimely outages
  • Decreased ability to adapt to market trends and opportunities
  • Decreased productivity caused by resources being occupied with operations and maintenance, rather than innovation and development
  • Increase in project/product speed and agility
  • Reduction in capital spending with pay-as-you-go options
  • Frequent updates and upgrades enable businesses to easily adapt to trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Drastic reduction in costs poured out towards owning, running and maintaining IT infrastructure and data centers
  1. The software should be made available to customers on a subscriber model
  2. The SaaS provider should host, operate, manage and upgrade the software, ensuring it is aligned with business requirements
  3. They must provide security for the software and all residing data
  4. The software architecture should be multi-tenant, with consolidated data structures and code bases
  5. The cloud SaaS should feature regular new releases that are opt-in and rich in functionality



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