Solving Product Content Syndication — The Pillar of Omnichannel Experience

With Omnichannel becoming the new norm for eCommerce, an increasing number of businesses are dealing with the big question — how do I ensure my product content is customer-ready? And this is where product content syndication (a.k.a. product data syndication) is absolutely critical for brands and distributors to drive an engaging and profitable digital presence.

Amaze PXM — The next-gen, AI-powered PIM SaaS for end-to-end product information and experience management.

The Evolving Customer Drives the Need for Product Content Syndication

Present day online customers look at shopping experiences from the lens of information completeness, accuracy and consistency across all sales channels, and the market has no choice but to adapt to this expectation. Whether they’re shopping on a brand, retailer, or marketplace website, they want all their questions answered comprehensively, and instantly. And every interaction that a customer has with a product is potentially a make-or-break situation.

The Challenge of Product Content Syndication

Manufacturers, retailers and distributors face a very different set of challenges depending on what they want to do with product data. Either way, these challenges have a direct impact on customer experience making syndication an instantly prudent solution for a whole range of issues.

Here are some of the top challenges businesses face when onboarding and distributing product data:

The impact of these challenges is widespread, ranging from thousands of hours lost in manual data processing, data inconsistency and data inaccuracy to delayed time-to-market, products getting delisted from marketplaces such, lag in adapting product content to changing standards, and so on. All these factors, put together, hamper the metric that matters the most — customer experience and trust.

How Businesses can Benefit from Product Content Syndication

Product content syndication (or product data syndication) is a middleware-driven solution that enables businesses to solve the syndication problem once and for all. Here are some of the key areas that data syndication can help streamline and optimize:

With these capabilities in place, businesses can ensure that their products are always discoverable with accurate and up-to-date information. Internal teams save the hassle of dealing with countless spreadsheets for eternity, and can redirect their time to adding value to the business. Then again, with the right syndication tool, businesses don’t need to worry about coding the solution; just leverage an intuitive, easy-to-use tool to set up processes in no time and crack operational efficiency. The result — faster time-to-market and an enhanced digital presence.

Amaze PXM’s Bridge — A Complete Syndication Solution

Amaze PXM gives businesses the power of a next-gen PIM with digital asset management (DAM) and the added advantage of an advanced syndication solution: Bridge. As an automated end-to-end syndication solution, bridge lets you master the entire product content lifecycle — from ingestion to distribution. Users can set up automated syndication rules and update existing templates in no time to accelerate the syndication process. With the capability to set up robust governance rules, data integrity is always top notch. And validation capabilities ensure that highest data standards are always adhered to.

Amaze PXM also enables easy integration with 100+ marketplaces and distribution channels including Amazon, Grainger, Fastenal, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more! Tried and tested by Grainger, Amaze PXM’s integration capabilities ensure that syndication is a breeze.

If you’re looking to evolve your business, rather than getting caught up in the manual task of product data syndication, try Amaze!

Syndicate your product data seamlessly with Amaze PXM



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