Solving Product Content Syndication — The Pillar of Omnichannel Experience

Amaze PXM — The next-gen, AI-powered PIM SaaS for end-to-end product information and experience management.
  • For brands and distributors selling on their own platform, the very first challenge is product data onboarding. Product data flows in from multiple sources including ERPs, data pools, spreadsheets etc. with no consistent data structure. Product feeds don’t suit the selling platform model and there is no way to validate the completeness and relevance of data.
  • On the other hand, businesses that sell their products on retailer websites or marketplaces such as Amazon or Grainger face a different beast — that of streamlining product data distribution. Every sales channel has unique standards and requirements, and failure to adhere to any of these standards results in delisting of products.
  • In either scenario, the biggest challenge is manual data processing, which, in turn, opens the door to all subsequent business challenges. Teams are left dealing with countless complex spreadsheets and pages of code that take way too long to process. Even in the best case, this manual handling of data takes too long and there is no way to keep track of data accuracy and completeness.
  • Lack of governance rules and validation mechanisms means that there is no way to go back and check product data. All businesses can do is to wait for things to blow up, or even worse, never find out.
  • On top of all these challenges, constant changes and updates in data standards, whether on the business’ own selling channel or on a retailer or marketplace channel, requires the wheel to be reinvented, even before it has caught momentum.
  • Syndication software automates the process of data onboarding, whether the information is incoming from a direct supplier or content provider. It lets you set a template for structuring this data with ease. Once this is done, the process of data ingestion is automated with no manual effort required.
  • Distribution efforts are similarly automated with multiple templates available for multiple sales channels. Syndication solutions go beyond basic mapping capabilities, allowing businesses to set up complex templates for different channel requirements. Once these standards are set, businesses can publish products automatically, accelerate their time-to-market and reach their target audience in no time.
  • Working with new partners is easy, as adapting to change is a one-time effort. Whether it’s new sources of incoming data, or new sales channels for distribution; onboarding a new party, or adapting to new standards is quick and easy. Just set up and define the template for automation and you’re good to go.
  • Governance rules are easy to set up so businesses don’t need to worry about compliance to data standards. A syndication software allows businesses to set up governance rules and policies for data usage, integrity, usability, availability and structure. This ensures that product data is always in line with the required standards.
  • As an additional layer, syndication tools also provide businesses the ability to leverage validation mechanisms to check product data. This helps identify holes in the data and fix them before they go to the sales channel. Not only does this prevent delisting from marketplaces and other sales channels, it also lays the foundation for better product experience.
  • Again, pick the right syndication tool, and you get the power of integration with some of the leading marketplaces and sales channels. This saves businesses the time required to set up templates for product data standards, and essentially hit the ground running from the get-go.
Syndicate your product data seamlessly with Amaze PXM



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